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Scratch and stone chip repair

It can be frustrating to discover a scratch on your car.  Using our expert knowledge, skills and experience, we are able to repair any scratch on your vehicle. With many different techniques available, we can return your body work to its original finish with out costing you the earth.

"The longer you leave your car unrepaired, the worse the damage could get as rust could form."

Car Repairs Exeter
Car Repairs Exeter Exeter car dent body repair Car body dent repair Exeter Car body dent repair Exeter

Scratches and stone chips can remove the protective layer of paint from your body work, meaning that the longer you leave it unrepaired the worse the damage could get as rust could form.

When removing a scratch or stone chip requires paint application, we ensure that the paint we use is not only paint that is colour coded but also a perfect match as colour coded paint often comes in slightly different variants.

Light scratches can be polished out, and others can be touched up.

We are able to carry out the repair of;
Car body repair East Devon Scuffs and scratches on bumpers, mirrors and paintwork.
Car body repair East Devon Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
Car body repair East Devon Damage that can’t be removed using Paintless Dent Removal, we will be able to removed using other expert techniques
Car body repair East Devon Dented panels
Car body repair East Devon Cracked plastics
Car body repair East Devon Chips
Car body repair East Devon Repairs that need paint colour matching
Car body repair East Devon Complete Repair
Car body repair East Devon


Depending on the amount and size of scratches and chips, we are able to completely re-spray that particular panel to the correct colour match. As wing mirrors are at the widest point of your car, they are more susceptible to damage, often scuffed whilst going through those narrower areas of road; they can also be damaged by road chips. We are able to repair these damages to its original finish.
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